245. How To Be Awesome At Making FUN A Priority

When was the last time you said…. my goal today is to have FUN! 
Even on days when you aren’t going out for your perfect day or on vacation.  On normal, ordinary days… making it a priority to have fun. 
If you’re anything like me… it can be very easy to get hyper focused on to do lists and goals… which I also think is very important.. but if having FUN isn’t a high priority in your daily life, it’s easy to wrap up the day or the week or even the month, without having very many fun moments. 
I have 2 TOP 3 lists that I write down each morning after I brush my teeth. 
What 3 things do I want to get done today? 
And what 3 feelings are a priority today?
And fun is heavy in the rotation. 
In this episode we are talking all about how you can insert FUN into your days and especially on your weekends. 
We are talking about when FUN is a priority, you have way more of it. 
-Realizing we don’t have to wait for our favorite holiday or a special party to have a really good laugh or a super fun day. 
-You have to make it a priority!
-Do more things that you love!
-With people you love to do them with!
-When you have fun as a priority in your mind, you think to stop in an ordinary moment.
-When you’re scrolling online, look for creative things to do!  Ways to be adventurous! 
-Try new foods.
-Get outside and explore new places. 
-Spend lots of time with the most fun people you know.
-Say YES to things you might normally say NO to. 
-Don’t WAIT for fun!  It’s often not as fun as you think it will be anyway! 
-The most fun often happens in the spontaneous and unplanned moments. 
-Don’t let age stop you!  You can do a version of any activity at any age.
-Play is essential! 
-Switch up your routine.
-Smile more. 
-Leave time to be spontaneous 
-Put something on your calendar each month that you wouldn’t normally do.
-Do things you would normally watch. 
-See a comedy show.
-Make plans so you have options!  Dinner and movies and adventures.  Lots of plans then flexible! 
-TIME is the one thing that we can never get back.  Not in a negative way- in a super positive one! 
CHEERS to having more FUN!!