244. How To Be Awesome At Seeing The Best In People

How To Be Awesome At Seeing The Best In People  
You know when you react badly to something or you’re just in a funk and say something that comes out totally rude… 
And the person that you’re interacting with gives you a pass.  Like just tells you - I get, totally ok. And you’re just so relieved and feel the stress of it escaping your body.  It is a great thing to do for someone else.
Now we aren’t talking about letting people walk on us or forgiving everything right away, we are talking about understanding that we don’t always know all the things that someone else is going through.  And to be able to be compassionate and understanding is an awesome thing.
To be able to ignore things that don’t matter or let go of a rude comment that was said and see the best in people. 
There is so much good that comes from it- for what you put out in the world and how you make other people feel… but also for controlling the amount of stress that you let into your world. 
The goal of this podcast is to set you up to see the best in people.  So you’re a bit more understanding, give people a pass, and control the headspace that you live in. 
Often times our culture sets us up to attack people if they say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing .
This podcast is the opposite, it’s about focusing on the very best in people.  And know you don’t know the rocks in their shoes. Even if it’s not what feels natural that’s the best part. 
-You find what you are looking for.  If you’re looking for something to complain about, you’ll find. 
-The lens you put on when you leave the house is the way you see things.
-Give people a pass, you never know what they are going through. 
-You have the power to forgive someone or react in a way that is unexpected. 
-You control if something gets you fired up.  
-Rather than light someone up, why not forgive them, THEN adjust how you interact with them in the future. 
-Gary Vee says.. 
Being nice is always ROI positive 
Being abrasive can win in the sort term, but not in the long term. 
-Guess what?  Things travel so much faster than they used to.  20 years ago, if you were a jerk in San Diego, you could move to San Francisco and start over.  Now, it follows us. 
-Don’t be less of a person because someone else was.
-As you push yourself to be a better human being, better things start happening to you. 
-The next time you’re in a situation where you’re like how do I react to this situation? 
Lean into seeing the best in people.  Know you likely don’t know the full story and it’s always better to come in with understanding and compassion. 
CHEERS to being awesome at seeing the best in people!