243. 25 Awesome Things To Do For Valentine’s Day


This episode is filled with 40 awesome ideas of things to do to celebrate LOVE and Valentine’s Day this year.

I’m breaking them down into 4 categories to make it so easy.  Things to do with your romantic partner, things to do with your girlfriends, things to do with your kids and things to do at school in your kids classes.

The goal of this podcast is to give you ideas to make special moments with your people that aren’t too complicated and aren’t cheesy… but special and memorable and all about love.

This is your go-to guide this year for all things love and romance around Valentine’s Day!

SO MANY AWESOME ideas to celebrate LOVE and Valentine’s Day!!

When I was looking up ideas for new things to do this year, everything was soooo cheeeessyyy. 
Like I want ideas that will be fun and create the best memories!

1. Adventure - hike, horseback ride, hot air balloon - something you’ve never done, or somewhere you’ve never done it -make sure it sounds fun for each person
2.  24 hours in a new city that you’ve never been
3.  Find a new restaurant with a tasting menu for a special meal (maybe wine or drink pairing too) or tequila or wine tasting then dinner!
4.  Set-up a private dinner for 2 at home where you wouldn’t usually or ask a restaurant to do it for you.
5.  One day- one favorite thing you each like to do as a date.  Can be extremes like couples massage and shooting range or tequila tasting or yoga class.
6.  Go to dinner, decide one thing you each want to go this year just the 2 of you and book it that night. Go to a concert, overnight to Vegas to see a show, whatever it is.
7. Catch the sunset somewhere cool that you wouldn’t normally.
8.  At home massages and dinner.
9.  Make your room soooo romantic with a ton of candles - can add roses - but just lighting and candles makes your room 100% different
10. Have a candy / drink / treat taste off

With Girlfriends
1. Cooking class - Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma has great ones!
2.  White elephant gift exchange
3.  Have your group print a bunch of photos of you guys, and bring frames and do a girls party to make frames or photo books. Can bring Ikea frames or do books and bring stickers.
4. Order matching heart jammies
5. Take a class or bring an instructor in!  Dance, yoga, or learn a new skill like pottery or paint class!
6.  Make charcuterie board - or learn how to!  Have everyone bring supplies and have fun learning how to put them together.  Do one big sweet and one big savory!
7.  Fill out self love books about yourselves together
8. Make flower bouquets
9. Decorate full size cakes
10. Everyone bring something they LOVE for each girl attending - set a price limit depending on how many girls to make it reasonable

With Kids
1. Scavenger hunt
2. A few days ahead have everyone in the family write down something they would love to do - that’s an hour or less. And dash to all of then on Vday.
3. Create a jar that everyone puts things in to do over the next few weeks - loving things.
4. Game night with prizes!
5. Family valentine’s puzzle
6. Baking/ cookie decorating
7. Make a family love scrapbook
8. Everyone make a love theme dish for dinner or dessert.  Vote and winners pick prizes.
9. Take a Valentine’s themed cooking class
10. Hire a teppan chef to come to your house!

Class party/ activity ideas
1.  White elephant gift exchange
2.  Valentine’s Day card craft set-up
3.  Cookie or cupcake decorating or strawberry shortcake making
4.  Make boxes for valentine’s gift exchange
5.  Valentine’s bingo
6.  Take pictures of the kids, buy target or Ikea frames, put pictures inside and kids decorate with puffy heart stickers- best gift or take home item!
7. Make a punch board with prizes inside
8. Musical hearts instead of musical chairs
9. Printables! Word searches, games, quizzes.. Pinterest has endless options.  Also - target dollar section can be a great start to an idea!
10. LOVE for teachers!  Have kids make little love notes and put together books for the teachers!

CHEERS!! To your most AWESOME Valentine’s Day with the people you LOVE!