242. How To Be Awesome At Suffocating Anything Negative


In 2023, you and I my friend are DONE with anything negative, toxic, draining, time wasting or anything that weighs heavily on us that we can avoid. 
We are talking about our plan for less stress and more fulfillment in the new year.. by way of eliminating the negative and ramping up the positive. 
That’s it!  More joy, less stress. More sleep, less sleepless nights. More relationships that lift you up and inspire you and less that drain you and make you feel like crap.
Today’s podcast is your positive pep talk because the state of mind that you live in, determines how your days go… and all the days add up to how your year goes. 
We’re growing the positive and suffocating the negative today. 
Here are the tips!! 
1.  Be too busy!  You just don’t have the time, sorry!!! 
Do more things.. have more hobbies!! 
2.  Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset 
Helps you not look backwards
Know you are doing so many things you will make mistakes 
3.  The best approach with negative people you can’t avoid - be positive and direct.  I’m only doing positive and that just doesn’t align with my mindset right now 
4. And for toxic relationships you can avoid, it’s your fault if you don’t 
5.  Perfection is not the goal 
6.  Avoid arguments if the conclusion doesn’t benefit anyone. 
Dale Carnegie once said, “The best way to win an argument is to avoid it.”
7.  Take responsibility for everything! 
8.  Challenge yourself physically - it makes you stronger and more aligned with your values.
9.Things don't have to be labeled as good or bad. Some things just are.  
10.  You can control your thoughts!!!  It’s all up to you!!  You decide if you let it bother you or not!