237. How To Be Awesome At Accomplishing Month Goals In One Week

If you would like to get more done and reach your goals faster, this podcast is for you!

I’m obsessed with being efficient and maximizing time and getting things done in a week, that would normally take a month.

We’re talking about strategies that will help you shift the way you do things.  So you spend less time “planning” to do something, and get right into actually doing it.

In my years of running my company and also being present for my kids and family, I had to learn how to crunch every hour of the day and be as productive as possible.  It’s all about your ability to avoid distraction, simplify the process and execute.

These concepts can be applied to all parts of business and in life too.  It’s about being very strategic with your productive hours and keeping the momentum going.

We’re talking about how to master your time on the daily.


-Learn, then execute!

-Simplify! We make things too complicated!  

-Do the hard things first.

-Tackle the plan.

-Don’t allow distractions.

-Don’t allow yourself to take time “planning”

-MOMENTUM- speed moves things forward.

-Think of things by day instead of by week.

-Don’t make things too complicated.
-Decide and move, you can always pivot later.
-Stop “planning” to do something and start doing it.

-People say to me… I’ve been planning to build a website.
Here’s the thing- with templates and programs now… you can learn what you need to know in one full day.  And build it in 2 more days. In 3 full days you have a complete website.

-People take months or YEARS to build a website.
I need a designer, I don’t have the money, I’m not good at tech… ALL invisible HURDLES.  They just slow you down.  That’s all they do!

-Valuing your time is everything.  Is this worth my time?  How can I be more efficient with this?

-The micro - the speed of activity

-At the end of the year they have 40x the output.

-It’s micro mastery of your time

-Imagine that the default time to get things done is a week

-But let’s say the new default is end of day. That’s the new norm.

-Here’s what happens - you simplify the process!  You cut out the non-essential.

-The project that would be two months, takes someone 2 days.  Because of mastering your time on the daily.

-MACRO- big picture
Ask yourself - Are all of the things I am doing acting in alignment with my goals?

-One other thing!!  Get an assistant - I’m constantly having help to move the needle when someone else can do parts of a project.
You can totally get a virtual assistant!  

CHEERS to charging your goals and getting things done in a fraction of the time!