232. How To Be Awesome At Never Getting A Hangover

If you enjoy an icy cold glass of champagne or a refreshing mixed drink or a nice glass or wine or any booze…  but don’t want to feel like hell that night or the next day (or the next few days)… this podcast is for you!!

I’ve entered a time in my life where I’ve figured out how to have FUN and not wake up with a hangover- or even that crappy feeling where you aren’t hungover but you’re just tired and slow and maybe have a stomach ache.
This podcast is packed with ALL THE TIPS on how to have a great time and enjoy your champagne more mixed drinks or wine or whatever you like to drink… and feel great the next day.  We’re compromising zero of the fun… we’re just being smarter about it and having a game plan going into it.
This is the zero hangover plan podcast episode! 
What actually IS a hangover? 
Alcohol is a diuretic.  It causes you to pee more so you lose a lot of fluid.  It also reduces the release of the hormone that balances your body’s fluids.  Dehydration causes fatigue and headaches and stomach aches. 
Alcohol also causes an electrolyte imbalance 
Alcohol increases inflammation throughout your body which causes you to feel bad too. And it makes you sleep terribly! 
A hangover is a milder form of alcohol withdrawal. 
Alcohol dulls the parts of your brain that control how your body works. 
-How much alcohol does it take? 
More than one drink an hour 
-Does a hard of the dog work? 
Yes and not! 
It just increases the toxicity of the alcohol already in your body! 
Here are our rules!! 
-No shots, nothing too strong
-Hydrate before and during 
-Zero energy drinks 
-Eat before you drink 
-Decide ahead of time how much you are going to drink 
-Don’t do the pouring thing where you have no idea how much you’ve drank! 
-Take your supplements - just like you would to avoid getting a cold- and get sleep night before, exercise, how you feel going into it makes a difference. 
-Really understand why you don’t like over drinking - you won’t remember the last part of the night anyway, etc! 
-Stick to one kind of alcohol - I sort of believe this! 
-I don’t really agree with ANY of the anti-hangover things on the market.  I think they are all mostly marketing and packed with bad ingredients. 
Use THIS powder before and after for added electrolytes!!
-What to do if you get one!
Eat bland foods 
Learn your lesson and sleep it off
No quick fix here - your body needs to recover 
CHEERS to really enjoying all the yummy drinks and celebrations… without any of the not so awesome stuff that often comes with it!