229. How To Be Awesome At Your I Am Statements

We all have beliefs about ourselves. 
Character traits and tendencies and things we think we are good at and bad at. 
We tell people them!  I am disorganized, I am always late, I am bad with money, I am highly stressed, I am not pretty enough, I am not that patient. 
When you think about your own I AM statements, you have to ask yourself… 
Does this serve you?

If it doesn’t, stop saying it!! 
When we make these limiting statements, we are creating INVISIBLE BARRIERS.  
The words you say and the thoughts you think are so powerful. We have to be so aware of the things we think and say about ourselves.
They are the most important statements because they are what you believe about yourself.
Today, we are doing a self audit of our I AM statements.  And deciding, 
if it’s not going to help you accomplish your goals… we are going STOP saying it!! 
-Here are some I Am statements that people say/think often. 
I am not patient 
I am not doing enough to meet someone 
I am too old, too short, too fat, not pretty enough
I am not that smart
I am clumsy. I am bad at names. I am a bad mom.
I am weak.
I am bad at math. 
I have lots of anxiety.
I am shy. 
I am high stress.
I am an all or nothing type person. 
I am not good at telling people no. 
-What is your I AM statement?
Do you think that belief serves you? 
-Once you are aware of this- you will hear it ALL THE TIME
-SAYS WHO!!  Who says you are bad at math or money or anything else!
Your past doesn’t indicate your future its not WHO YOU ARE.
-I can’t do that, I AM not flexible.  
OH really, you can’t become more flexible? 
-When we make these statements, we are creating INVISIBLE BARRIERS.  These are limiting statements.  
-In order to grow, your identity must be whatever is required to grow.  It can’t be SET! 
-The language has to change!

-I have a tendency towards being shy and stress filled.  OR I tend to be shy with stress. This is less final. 
-We need to be able to be changing to what we need to do. 
-It gets more complicated like… 
I have to have 2 cups of coffee or I can’t be productive.
I have to have 8 full hours of sleep or I can’t be productive.
I have to know who’s going to the party or I’ll have anxiety. 
-These are all weaknesses that you build into yourself.  You GIVE yourself traits that make you weaker.  If you want to make impact, you have to know who you are and be able to adjust based on what’s needed. 
Cheers to becoming more AWESOME by changing the I AM statements you say about yourself!