226. How To Be Awesome When You’re Nervous

It’s going to sound sort of basic and maybe even cheesy but I’m telling you it’s the secret sauce.
When you’re in an awkward situation… maybe having small talk with someone you’ve just met or you walk into a crowded room of people you don’t know or walk on stage before a speech… you’re nervous!! Deep breath in and SMILE.  
It’s like the most basic thing… that most people don’t do.  But I’m telling you if you can train yourself to do this… you will get comfortable in uncomfortable situations so much faster!! 
Smiling is contagious … it lowers stress and anxiety… you’re more approachable… you appear more confident.
Because of the reaction your body has to smiling, you’re almost tricking your body into feeling more happy and less nervous.
Now it’s not a nervous smile or WORSE- a nervous laugh. It’s just a calm and confident smile- without saying anything.  It’s subtle but changes everything. 
Today we are talking about our superpower in uncomfortable situations - SMILING.  
-We all get nervous - sometimes a little or sometimes a lot. 
-Smiling is an easy way to boost your mood and be more relaxed. 
-And it’s way better than the alternatives!!
looking down 
Retreating on your phone 
Crossing arms 
Biting nails 
Fidgeting or swaying 

-This is NOT a nervous laugh!
-When we smoke it triggers a cascade of feel good brain chemicals called endorphins! 
-It’s almost like you TRICK your body into feeling new emotions. 
-The act of smiling is a cue to your brain to release neuropeptides or happiness hormones like Dopamine, Serotonin and Endorphins. 
Dopamin- gives you an instant boost of energy and motivation
Serotonin- helps calm you down and soothes your nerves 
Endorphins- reduce cortisol levels and even decreases feelings of pain. 
Together these brain chemicals work to reduce the effects of stress and pressure and improve your mood!! 
-Contagious!!  For you and for those around you.  When someone smokes at you.. your instinct is to smile back. 
It instantly creates a positive social connection that reduces stress and improves connection. 
It also tells your brain - im surrounded by friendly people here. 
“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
It’s not the EMOTION it’s the MEANING you give to the emotion that makes it come alive. 
-So change your state, change the MEANING you give to the situation and change your emotion.
-It’s like an instant confidence bump.  And it’s one easy hack.  Breathe and smile. 
-This is NOT putting on a happy face when you’re upset - in fact we should FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS.

-It’s about how you label the situation and how you react.  Instead of OH MY GOD im so nervous.  It’s deep breath and we got this. 
-People respond so well to this because even if you dont talk to people, you appear friendly. 
-And it helps you have GOOD REACTIONS!  When you don’t know what to do- default to smile - when most people default to something else - resting not so kind face or reaction etc. 
-There’s zero downside and it’s easy to remember. 
CHEERS!! To your SMILE being your superpower!