212. How To Be Awesome At Turning A Bad Day Into A Character Building Day

-Struggling SUCKS but it’s also what makes us stronger. 
-One of Lindsay’s favorite quotes is… 
Strength grows in the moments when you think you cannot go on but you keep going anyway. 

-It’s like how they say Billionaires kids have it the hardest.  Which sounds crazy but makes sense - if you’ve got it all - what’s there to work for.  And with very little struggles, how to you get strong and tough and independent? 
-Struggle makes us stronger.  Bottom line. 
Here are ways working through a BAD DAY can build character:
-Makes you more resourceful 
-Helps you prioritize and realize what matters most 
-More confident in your ability to weather the storms - it’s all about self esteem!!
-Helps you stay grounded 
-Helps you to understand and help others 
Ways to do it 
-Journal what happened and the lesson learned - how it makes you stronger. Then let it go!
-Flex your tough muscles - tell yourself- this sucks but I’m getting through it and will come out better because of it.
-Change your physical state / sweat
-Listen to loud music 
-Book self care/ alone time/ personal day 
-Eliminate something from your schedule
-Call or see someone awesome 
-Eat something yummy that makes you feel better
-Tell yourself “this is just a moment” 
-Get off social media 
-Focus on your 10s 
-Do something you don’t normally do 
-Book something to look forward to
The next time you go to say… I’m having a bad day… remember this podcast and FLIP IT!  You aren’t having a bad day!! YOu’re having a character building day… and in a way, that’s better than a day that’s a good day from the start because you had to work for it.  And it makes you stronger for the future.  And more confident and able to weather the storms that come up.  Cheers to you and all your character building days ahead!!