158. How To Be Awesome At Approaching Life In A Positive State

Our whole lives are guided by the state we are in.

It’s how we react to things that happen to us and it determines the decisions that we make.

Learning how to change your state, not fake, but to go from pissed off or frustrated and get back in your center is the greatest skillset.

Lindsay says… "I’ve decided… I’m going to live in an awesome state and when I’m not in an awesome state of mind… I hit pause and work on fixing it."

Moment to moment our life is controlled by our state.  If you are angry you are doing to respond differently than if you are feeling fulfilled and encouraged and loved.

So today, we’re talking about just how important your frame of mind is- the attitude you have as you venture out into the world or talk to people or do things.  It affects the outcome of your day and how you rub off on other people and eventually the course of your life.

This doesn’t mean you won’t feel bad.  You just won’t let yourself sit there.  It means you are committed to working yourself out of it, so you can live in a happy state.

Here are some points Lindsay touches on:

-To move out of that into happy and creative is everything.  It's a critical skillset and what we are talking about today.  

-In the long term, your world view is what determines your state.  
What are the targets you are after?   Everyone has different goals and desires.  

-Tony Robbins says…
We all have the same needs… there are mostly the same problems.
Certainty- comfort and safety
Uncertainty - we need variety
Significance- to feel special
Love- feel loved

-We all determine how much of each of these we need and which of these needs are the top 2 on your list- -because that determines your life.  

-Lots of people put significance first - where it’s more important than love living in a social media world.
Certainly - lots of people just want certainty- everyone has to stay the same and not grow.

-Tony says- what’s driving you?  Two people can be driven with significance and do it very differently.

-It’s an art to feel fulfilled. We are all different and it’s different for all of us.

-Our lives are determined by our decisions.  And our state affects the decisions we make.  The decisions we make control us- decisions what to do, what to give.

-Pain is another thing!
Suffering takes you out of a beautiful state.  By focusing on something else. You can get out of it in an instant.

-Our brain is designed to help us survive not to make us happy.  We are worrying about what other people think.

-Life is short - but if you only had a week to live- I bet you wouldn’t let yourself suffer about things that don’t matter.  You would take in all the moments- smell the air.
Why not just decide- I won’t suffer.  
You can end that- and say… I’ve made the decision to live in an awesome state.

-Someone will get sick, you will lose a family member, you could get divorced, nobody knows what will really happen in life.

-You can decide what happens in life, you will have a great time.

-Human beings think the outside world determines how we feel… but if someone else has to behave a certain way for you to be happy, you’ll never be happy! Your spouse, your boss, etc.

-You treat people SO MUCH BETTER when you’re feeling loving and happy than when you’re feeling sorry for yourself and overwhelmed and frustrated.

-You’re going to be a better parent, person, lover, business person.

-You instantly change when you decide you are going to live in this state.

-Doesn’t mean you won’t feel bad.  You just won’t let yourself sit there.  It means you are committed to working yourself out of it, so you can live in a happy state.

Because that’s what it’s all about!!  Go out and have awesome days and treat people well and live a life you love!