81. The Most Awesome After Dinner Chocolate

This chocolate is organic, gluten free, non-GMO, paleo and vegan and you’d never guess by tasting it because it’s so delicious. 
Made with only 5 organic ingredients and sweetened with coconut sugar, this bar has a crunch from cacao nibs but it tastes like little minty chunks, which actually comes from the peppermint oil. 
I’m a big fan of yummy treats that don’t have any refined sugar for so many reasons. They don’t spike your blood sugar so you don’t have an energy crash or crazy cravings after. 
And in the long term, you have reduced risk of chronic diseases because a high intake of refined sugars is directly linked to many of them.  
Desserts without refined sugars often contain more vitamins and minerals and they have more flavors than the artificial stuff so they are more rich and flavorful. 
This particular bar is the very best for your last treat of the day because the minty-ness is refreshing and pallete cleansing.
I had to get out of this cycle where I would have a little of this and a little of that then another snack after dinner and I end up eating more than I wanted and not really feeling satisfied. This way it’s like the yummiest crunchy bites of chocolate that are satisfying and delish and leave you feeling energized, not heavy. 
Sitting on the couch with half a bar of this at the end of the day is like perfection to me! 
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