48. The Most Awesome Jeweled Picture Frames

I found these frames when I was looking for a way to display photos of Presley for her 11th birthday party.  I had these cute acrylic hearts made with each age and I put a photo in each one and it turned out so cute!
These frames are so sparkly and pretty - they come in 12 colors and 4 sizes and are such good quality - especially for the price! This is the 4x6 size and they are even prettier in person.  
I just ordered red and green ones and I’m going to print Santa & Christmas photos from all the years and put them around the house for the holidays.
It would also be such a great gift to give someone 4 frames with 4 of their favorite pictures.  You’ve spent $60 and given such a special and memorable gift.  
These frames are definitely one of the most awesome things to ever come from Amazon!
Click HERE link!