GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights – 5 & 10 Pound Pairs

GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights – 5 & 10 Pound Pairs

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Brand: GoFit

Color: Black


  • GoFits Adjustable Ankle Weights come in 5 or 10 pound sets and are an excellent way to add resistance for both training and rehabilitation. 5lb Pair (2.5lbs each / 5lb pair) or 10lb Pair (5lbs each / 10lb pair)
  • ADJUSTABLE: The adjustable straps and removable steel shot packets featured on the GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights allow for any person, large or small, to use these weights. Perfect for both men and women!
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: The featured zipper closure on the GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights holds the weight packets securely in place during your workout!
  • DURABLE: Constructed of heavy-duty nylon canvas for rugged durability, the GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights will withstand your resistance workout!
  • WEIGHTED FITNESS: Whether youre running , walking, or strength training, the 5 and 10 pound weight options are just heavy enough to enhance your workout, making for a strong lower body.

Publisher: GoFit

Release Date: 10-02-2005

Details: Target your lower body muscle groups, including inner and outer thighs, and get results as your muscles exert effort to lift and balance the weight of these adjustable five-pound ankle weights. Ankle weights are one of the best ways in which to add resistance to your lower body training, by targeting certain muscle groups. The leg and hip joint are like a lever and fulcrum. With the hip being the fulcrum, the farther away the weight, the harder it is to lift and balance. The same can be said for the knee joint. By adding a minimum amount of weight, the leg muscles must exert considerable effort to lift and balance the weights, which provides maximum results. This 10-pound set includes two ankle weights that weigh 5 pounds each.

Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 7.0 x 5.7 inches