Episode 15: How To Be Awesome At Potty Training Your Toddler


Potty training is like one of the least fun things to do as a parent in my opinion! And this is the attitude I had at the beginning of this adventure and I feel like it made it sooo much harder!

When I decided WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS!  And … WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS FUN It became less painful. I thought about what would motivate my son… and what would motivate any kid to want to sit on a cold potty rather than just go in their cozy diaper- like they’ve been doing for the last 2.5 years.

So, after reading and listening to everything I could find on the topic, I created my own method of praise and prize… and it totally worked! (To my surprise!).

In this episode I break down how we used 2 motivating factors… Praise and Prize to potty train our 2 1/2 year boy in one week. And on day one we were fully in diapers - like starting at the actual beginning!

This episode has so many tips that helped us make potty training fun and successful.

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And by the way- now that we’ve talked potty together - we’re really a tight community!

Thanks for listening friends!

Cheers to potty training!

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