Episode 11: How To Be Awesome At Not Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season


 Today's topic! How to be awesome at not gaining weight during the holiday season. 

I used to think it was in inevitable… it’s the holidays… you gain weight. But not anymore… I implement a few simple and practical strategies to where I don’t gain weight during the holidays or if I do, it's not much.

And the best part is… I still totally indulge… But not every day. In this episode we are going to talk about how to make a plan to eat and enjoy and celebrate… But also get back to healthy when you’re not celebrating.

How to carve out time for workouts and plan ahead… and how to squeeze them in when you miss the work out as planned.

... and do all this in a non-stressing way! Make a mental decision… and form a general plan of how you’re going to attack it and then there's less individual decisions on the daily but more of just following the plan that you’ve already set up. 

Join me today as we talk about eating and exercise and how to stay healthy during the holidays… without compromising any of the fun.

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