Episode 14: How To Be Awesome At New Years Goals!


Do you know that by January 15th the majority of people who have made New Years goals have given up on them? 

Most people even don’t make a resolution anymore - bc they know they don’t keep them… why even bother??

What is it that makes us want to make a resolution?  Why at the beginning of the year?

its something inside us that makes us want to make things better- and just see progress in life.

The calendar is arbitrary… so I like to make it more weekly than yearly. 

What does it really take to make it happen? 

ON a regular basis, we feel good when we feel like we have forward motion - PROGRESS!

Progress equals happiness and it makes us feel alive.

I can grow and change and improve and progress! 

Progress makes us feel alive!  

So I think of it as progress rather than CHANGE.

Things change without us even trying- change is automatic but progress is not.

You have to take control and make decisions for real progress. 

And what I’ve learned… is the best way to do this is to make actual changes in your routine.

First, you need to have a vision of what you actually want - like a real vision.

It’s not telling you what you’re going to get- it tells you what you’re not going to get.

A vision excites you!  It tells you what you’re GOING to get!  I want goals that will PULL me… not PUSH me… see the difference… so you aren’t struggling and pushing yourself away from something… you’re so driven you’re PUSHED towards it.  I just think it’s a positive way of thinking about the progress you want to see in your world. 

Your vision has to be backed with strong reasons - so you keep going when the going gets tough!  I keep a list next to me of my overall priorities and the small tasks too… so I stay focused on what I’ve decided is my vision… and I have strong enough reasons to keep working towards the goals … so I have the daily reminders to help me stay focused and not waste time when I have a spare hour or so.. and I know my deep reasons so I don’t quit. 

I think that reviewing it everyday is key.  I’m not one to have a vision board with “life goals”… I’m more like a have a to do list in my front seat of my car type of girl.  And I put notes on there as I think of them… like if I realize oh my gosh I’ve been neglecting this… or this kid really needs this from me… I put it at the top of the working weeks list so I see it every time I glance I’m reminded of it and when I have a free 30 mins… I’ll work on cursive with my daughter who’s struggling with it… rather than doing nothing/ scrolling IG for that free 30 mins. 

Reviewing my goals is huge for me… it just stays top of mind daily for me this way and practically works much better for me and I move forward on my goals faster - because I’m better centered on what I really want to see happen. 

A few years ago, I watched a Tony Robbins seminar on YouTube and It was a huge light bulb moment for me… it’s about putting things on your MUST list. 

Everyone in their life gets their MUSTS… we don't get our SHOULDS. 

When it's a MUST for you… it's like I’m going to FIND a way or MAKE a way… 

I’ve always exercised daily, I’m one of those people that just love it and it’s on my MUST list.  I feel better if I exercise so I just made a decision a long time ago… it’s on my MUST list to exercise most days. 

So when we’re thinking about how to implement our goals into our daily routine… I think we have to put it on our MUST list… that way you aren’t making the decision each day- its on your must list- you find a way to make it happen. 

And you have to look at where you have limitations set in your life- so often we get in routine or tell ourselves that something isn’t possible - sometimes we have to look at - why is that really there- and break through that- and not let these barriers we’ve set for ourselves years ago- block what we really want in our lives. 

Think about your shoulds in your life versus your musts.  

We sometimes get our SHOULDS … but we always get our MUSTS.  

Changing your life is about the change in your inner game.  If you learn what shapes you … and get rid of any hang ups that preventing you to break through to the next level.. 

And focusing on what we really want, getting them on our musts list and find a way or make a way. 

Routine is where the power is!!  Take your huge goals… and turn them into little things you do each day… and it gives you so much momentum… because you get little wins each day and little bits of progress in the direction that you want… so you feel good and you’re motivating to keep going and keep pushing. 

I’ve learned… it’s all about your routine and the things you do daily to reach your goals.

And you know what… it makes it not overwhelming anymore! You’ve broken it down into bite size pieces… so you don’t freeze before you start.  Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your spouse…. And it seems like a huge mountain to climb… but if you set little rituals you do each day… you make progress towards your goal.  Success or failure comes from all the little things.  It’s failure to say I’m sorry. Or it’s the success of communicating in a healthy way on the daily.  Success is calling and saying I love you in the middle of the day.  

How many relationships are dead today because they’ve stopped doing new things… and they’ve just gotten too much into a routine and slowly it just looses its fire and its energy… 

All the little stuff- thats where the success comes.  

I believe in showing up - and showing up with energy and a focus on what it is that I want to make forward motion on! 

I’m not competing with anyone else - I’m competing with what I’m capable of! 

I want to discover what I’m capable of - and push through of whatever is holding me back… and be the best that I can.  

I want to see you get what you want this year.  Even if your life is great, we want to keep making it better - that's what makes us happy - who we become. 

So think… what area of your life do you want to improve? 

What is your vision?  What do you want it to be?
What are the things you are going to add to your daily and weekly routine to make progress towards that goal? 

Wake yourself up- today and EVERY Monday!  You don’t need to start on January 1st!  Don’t put too much on your place… you just need to get momentum… 

There are 2 pains in life… the pain of disciple or the pain of regret. 

It’s painful now as you push through the uncomfortable moments.. or it’s painful later as you regret not doing it.  To me it’s all about being proud of myself and not having regrets. 

What do I want?  What routine will I setup to get me there? 

Thank you for listening!  I hope this episode helps you look at New Years resolutions in a different way and make them more like weekly goals than New Years resolutions.  And to make progress in life in a practical way so it’s not overwhelming and actually attainable… with daily rituals and routines to get you there. 

Happy New Year friends… today and EVERY MONDAY!! 

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