195. How To Be Awesome At Giving Thoughtful Gifts Under $20


Twenty Awesome Ways To Be Thoughtful Under $20!

We often think that we don’t have the time or money to do something super thoughtful for someone in our lives.

But if we think creatively and ahead of time…we will think we will realize more often than not that we can make someone we care about feel loved and appreciated with not a ton of money or time spent.

In this podcast Lindsay is sharing 20 of her favorite ways to show thoughtfulness and make someone’s day.

-Let's think outside a flower arrangement and a bottle of wine or a candle!  All are nice gifts but we can do better!  And more memorable

-These are all under $20 but also aren’t HARD!  If we all had endless time and money we could put together these gorgeous massive gift baskets with one of each of the persons favorite things but that’s just not realistic - most of the time.

-The key:  shows it’s thoughtful and personal to them and shows effort.  Is the unexpected!

-For who?  Friends, family, kids, teachers, doctors… anyone you think about and are grateful for!!

So here are some ideas!!

-Frame a picture of the person you love!

-Make them a photo book

-Drop something off at someones door!

-Love notes!

-Add a creative note to small item to give it more value
Example:  Sorry I sucked!

-Fill in the blank book!  Best!  “I wrote a book about you”

-Mug with a cute saying that speaks to them with something inside.

-Plant gift - love trader joes or nursery

-Personalized item on Etsy - search “personalized” then something they are into.  For Lindsay - personalized hearts - and see what you find

-Cookbook or book with post it notes from you!!!

-Solve a problem in their lives!  Like a supplement pill holder.  Or a cool agenda book if they want to be organized!

-Skincare products - maybe you know your spouse wants to wear SPF daily but hasn’t found one they like… buy 2 to try out.

-Games!  Family games or airplane games if someone is traveling.  Passport cover if you’re saying have a great trip.

-A treat!  Or a healthy treat!  Know your audience!

-A few of your favorite things - with a note- “I love these things the most and I think you will too”. Your favorite coffee mixer,

-Make them a little kit!!  Purse essentials or car essentials with little tools.

-Cute hair clips or ties in a bathroom container - Home Goods is great for this.

-Something for changing seasons - cozy socks for winter - snowman kit for their kids playing in the snow, succulence plants for spring, fresh veggies bag for spring!

-Planning is key!!!  Write it down so next time you are out cruising… you think of it… and not the morning before!

-Remember important dates

-Keep a running list of gift ideas

SO MANY ways to give thoughtful gifts on the daily that don’t cost a lot of money or time.  Hope this podcast gives you lots of ideas!