Episode 5: How To Be Awesome At Finding An Extra 30 Minutes Everyday To Accomplish Your Goals!


Welcome back to the How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast! 

Todays Topic: How to be awesome at finding an extra 30 minutes everyday to accomplish your goals

You know how you have certain goals or tasks that you never quite get to because you just don’t have enough time?  

Whatever it is… big or small… if you don’t have time for it now, there’s isn’t a great chance that you will anytime soon- unless you make a change in your routine.  

Today we are talking about life hacks that you can do to save yourself 30 minutes every day and replace those 30 minutes with things you feel like you are missing.

I’m going to break down 3 strategies…. That you need to learn in order to do this. 

And they are…. automate, eliminate and delegate.  It really comes down to stop spending time on dumb stuff… and really take a look at how you’re spending your time everyday.

We’re going to talk about what you should really fill those 30 minutes with… and what are things you can eliminate… without changing anything. Today we are talking about becoming more efficient in the daily micro of everything you do to make big strides in the macro… in the big picture of life. Let’s become more efficient and happier together… as we approach the end of this decade. Let’s go!

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