Episode 2: How To Be Awesome At Being The Happiest Person In The Room!


On how to be awesome at everything today we are talking about how to be the happiest person in the room. 

Lindsay thinks there are TWO parts to being the happiest person in the room.

  1. Not worrying about what anybody else in that room thinks of you. 
  2. Not putting yourself in rooms you don't want to be in.
Today we’re talking about judgment and the talk that can go on in your mind about being judged or judging others.

We’re also talking about how to say no… to things you don’t really want to do… and not feeling badly about it. 

Being happy is the ultimate goal right… and being the happiest person in the room is definitely AWESOME!

So that’s what we’re tackling today!  How to be awesome at being the happiest person in the room!

Links to awesome things referenced in this episode: 

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