Episode 96: How To Be Awesome At Not Always Wanting More

How To Be Awesome At Not Always Wanting More

Today, Lindsay is talking about the “disease of more.” More stuff and always wanting the “next level” of everything. When perhaps we could be missing the really awesome things we have set-up right now. 

She shares her journey to buy less and purge more. And to have less attachment to “stuff” and end the never fulfilling cycle of buying more.  

Lindsay talks about getting in your 10s each day and how that can help you focus on what’s important in your life.  

As a recovering “more is more” type person, Lindsay shares how she’s now learned that life isn’t always about reaching the next level- but more about trade-offs. Going through how important it is to know your values so you can make the right decisions each day. Focusing on gratitude and teaching our kids to appreciate what we have. 

We’re talking about enjoying what we have now, while still being driven to reach our goals. It’s a tricky balance and can be complicated to work through.  

Listen in today as Lindsay shares openly about her realizations and how she is self-correcting how she does things. Share what you thought my sending Lindsay a message on Instagram @LindsaysCloud.

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