Episode 93: How To Be Awesome At Being A Working Mom

How To Be Awesome At Being A Working Mom

How to be awesome at being a working mom.

This is a HUGE topic!  And one of the most requested ones!

Lindsay is sharing what she’s learned in her 10 years of being a working mom and sharing hundreds of responses she got when she asked some key questions on Instagram.

There are so many small little awesome hacks in here and also some big picture concepts here!

Here are the main topics that Lindsay covers:

✨How do you use the help of babysitter/nanny/assistant to make it all work

✨Getting through the feeling of having no downtime

✨Helping your kids thrive when you feel like you're barely surviving

✨Having enough time to spend quality time with your kids and managing a work/life balance

✨Having time for yourself

✨Struggles with ending stress from your work day 


✨Time management and motivation

✨Prioritizing and completing your tasks

Let’s make it work together! 🌟

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