Episode 92: How To Be Awesome At Creating Your Own Definition Of Success

How To Be Awesome At Creating Your Own Definition Of Success

What is your definition of success for yourself?
Lindsay has this theory that so many of us are chasing things that aren’t important to us because of somebody else’s definition of success.  It could be your parents or your community or social media or by actually comparing yourself to what your friends or strangers are doing.
Lindsay thinks that so many of us actually KNOW what it is we want to be spending most of our time doing and what equals happy and fulfilled days and years for ourselves. But we don’t allow ourselves to really follow that path because of what we think other people or society says about that dream or goal.
Today we are really digging through what success looks like for you.  Let’s unlearn what we’ve been taught, put ear plugs in so we don’t hear the judgment or the opinions of others and figure out you will regret least, then work backwards.  
Let’s do this…
Write down everything you are chasing - Your goals your dreams.
Anything you are currently pursuing. Ask yourself what is the source of that...
  • Where did you get that idea?
  • Is it from your parents?
  • Is it from social media?
  • Is it because your friend did something or because your friend got promoted?
OR did you get that idea because it makes you FEEL ALIVE?
️In our community- the most successful people are often what we want to be. We tell ourselves we have to be that to be successful. Let’s make sure you are working based on your own idea of success… not what society says success is.
By doing this you filter out the noise and you hear just yourself. Put earplugs in - and don't hear other people's opinions or what other people VALUE as success.
Lindsay also thinks we often confuse inexperience for being unqualified. If we haven’t done it we assume we aren't good at it. This is why she loves learning new things!
  • Take the next month and try 4 new things.
  • Join an online Course - audiobook or podcast.
  • In a month you will have learned what you would have learned in a year.
  • Most of us try one new thing a year.
  • WHY did I like it - or WHY did I not like it
  • Which is so important
  • Do I want to do it again?
That's when you start uncovering what you really love! THIS is why I talk about my 10s so much. FIND YOUR 10s!! You don't know until you give it a go and ask yourself if you enjoy it.
Lindsay talks about the concept of being a “stay at home mom.” She talks about knowing so many women that are such incredible mothers and they feel fully fulfilled doing this- and they have the luxury of not having to work yet they don't feel like it's enough- not because they don't - but because they think society says its not enough.
She thinks we need to do more of what we enjoy!
If you don't know what your purpose is - that's the best part... it's about the journey!
The pressure of finding your purpose will stop you from finding your purpose.
What are you good at? What do you love doing?  What is your compassion for the world?  What problem do you want to solve?
Accept that it can CHANGE. It doesn't always have to be the same!! TRY lots of things! Lindsay also talks about celebrating your WINS! We often spend more time on our losses.
Let’s figure out what our idea of success is, then celebrate it as we go!

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