Episode 87: How To Be Awesome At Not Talking Shit


How to be awesome at not talking shit.  Even when it’s tempting and you feel like you can’t resist… Lindsay is going to give you enough reasons not to do it.

And listen, we’re all human… we’re not going to be perfect… but let’s make a collective plan to not talk shit.

And here’s why.  We don’t have unlimited time with our favorite people.  Your best friends, your family members… it’s just limited.  We have commitments and work and kids and lots of things we have to do too.  So when you do have that time with them… on the phone or in person or on text, why spend it focusing on what’s bad about someone else?  

When you could spend that same time talking about what makes you happy- your 10s of the day!! or the opportunities that you have or the impact you can make on your own or together.

Talking shit is just such a waste of this opportunity and a waste of your energy!!

And if you have kids- your absolute number one reason for not talking shit should be so they don’t hear you - and they will - even if you don’t think they do.  And what a great gift to give your kids- an environment where time is not spent bringing other people down.  There’s just SO many better ways to spend your time.  

A few key points from this podcast:

✨The way we grow up and our environment really shapes how we approach this.  You can change it - it just might be harder.

✨Sometimes it might not even be intentional!!  You just react and judge.

✨Realize you might have to just let less stuff bother you too.

✨Instead of judging say- GOOD FOR HER … not for me

✨PROTECT YOUR HEAD SPACE!! The time you spend thinking about this is time you can't spend on other things!!

✨You don’t know the rocks in other people’s shoes.

✨Give them the benefit of the doubt- why not.

✨We aren’t perfect- we all make bad decisions sometimes.

✨And if you’re constantly talking shit- people thing- she or he talks shit on everyone… why wouldn’t they talk shit on me

✨Here’s how to stop a shit talking conversation- divert the conversation, change the subject, dominate the conversation, joke the way out of the conversation or just be overly kind and move on.

✨So much more good happens when you suffocate someone starting a conversation shitting on someone else.

✨We are all human beings and sometimes we get into it and don’t really mean to- and maybe we feel gross about it later.

✨Let’s all make a commitment to ourselves to not talk shit.  We won’t be perfect but we should really strive for it.

✨Imagine if you didn't waste your precious minutes with your parents or best friends focusing on something negative about someone else.

✨It’s what winning is about.  Creating a framework of kindness and optimism not negativity and fear and jealousy.

✨We may not realize even that we might be doing it because we are jealous in some way or it’s sparking as issue we have.  Be honest with yourself and work on the issue.

✨Bottom line- there are one million other things that are worth your time talking about than running someone else down.  Protect your time and your headspace and don’t let yourself do it.

✨You’ll have more awesome days and you’ll be proud of yourself for putting positivity into the world and help to suffocate negativity.


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