Episode 83: How To Be Awesome At Being The Person You Want To Be

How To Be Awesome At Being The Person You Want To Be

You know sometimes the way you act or the way you speak isn’t actually the way you mean to?  And isn’t actually the person you want to be? Maybe you react in a way that you don’t mean to… or you think you are being patient but it doesn’t come across that way to the person you are talking to…

We all have those moments.  In this podcast, we  are digging deep to first identity how you want to be on the daily and how you want people to describe you.  

Lindsay shares two very tactical ways she’s learned to remind herself to be the person she wants to be in the little moments and also in the big moments.

This episode is alllll about identifying what qualities are most important to you, and setting a very practical plan to make sure you are that person on the daily.

Today, we are going to be very self-actualized and honest with ourselves and set-up some new daily habits to be our most awesome selves.

Cheers to your most awesome self, everyday!

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