Episode 80: How To Be Awesome At Pregnancy, Delivery & New Mom Stuff

How To Be Awesome At Pregnancy, Delivery & New Mom Stuff

Here are some of the topics covered:


🍼 What to eat and exercise 

🤰🏼 What to pack in your hospital bag ** to be more comfortable**

💗 How to choose a hospital and a pediatrician 

🍼 What to register for and how to avoid over registering 

💙  Preparing for transition from 1 to 2 kids 

🤰🏼 Safe skincare for preg or nursing 

👶🏼 Thoughts on pregnancy during COVID 

💗 Time frames - nursery and hospital bag 

💙 How did you manage your weight and fitness while pregnant


🍼 Be prepared for anything - and open minded - and calm 

🤰🏼 What really happens in the hospital right after birth that people don't talk about? 

💗 Recovery from c section with baby 2- its rough- you have to listen to the rules - I split my incision 

💙 Brother / Sister basket ideas 

🍼 Doulas 

👶🏼 Visitors/ relatives and setting boundaries 

🤰🏼 HELP at home!! 

👶🏼 Have someone do the things you DON'T want to do - I made this mistake so many times!! 

🍼 Pictures in hospital 

💙 Preg hair and makeup and photographer 

🤰🏼 I’d stay off your phone in hospital and soak up the minutes just sitting / laying with baby 


🍼What you need at home for right after the baby 

💗 Favorite newborn products 

🤰🏼 Surviving first 24 hours at home with a newborn

💙 Best advice I’ve received / worst

💗 How to manage your other kids and a newborn

🤰🏼 HORMONES- not feeling well after baby is OK and expected 

👶🏼 Getting your body back - what to expect and how to feel like yourself again 

🍼 Maternity leave

💗 Adjusting back to work after maternity leave 

💙 How to manage having a newborn, running a business, parenting 2 other kids 

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