Episode 79: How To Be Awesome At Managing Your Families Health

How To Be Awesome At Managing Your Families Health

For the first time, Lindsay shares the story of her husband’s health issues and how she’s learned to manage his health and the health of everyone else in the family. 

Here are links to the little books that Lindsay is obsessed with to keep all your health information organized: 

Adults Record Keeper Health Book 

Kids Record Keeper Health Book

Write everything!! If a supplement makes you feel weird 

When you had some small procedure done 

A few highlights: 

❤️ Concierge doctors can be so helpful if you have a specific issue especially 

❤️ Get a team of doctors going BEFORE you have issues 

❤️ Go when there is a little problem don't wait for it to get bigger.

❤️ Be so proactive 

❤️ FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE and why she loves it

❤️ Take time for health before you get sick 

❤️ Relax, meditate, reduce stress because stress kills 

❤️ BE RELENTLESS- don't take no- keep pushing 

❤️ There’s nothing more important than your health.  Let’s take care of it! 

CHEERS to your health! 

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