Episode 78: How To Be Awesome When Someone Is Mean

How To Be Awesome When Someone Is Mean

It happens.. people are mean.  Sometimes it’s people we love, sometimes it’s people we don’t particularly care for, sometimes it’s strangers.  But unfortunately, it’s part of life and something we have to deal with.

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing all that she's learned about how to deal when someone is just flat out mean.  And doing it in a way that you can walk away from the situation actually feeling good.  Not letting it ruin your day, not making it bigger than it needs to be, but also still dealing with it. 

A few key points from this episode:

  • Take a breath- don't react right away. 
  • If possible - Smile. Ignore. Walk away. 
  • See their side of things.
  • Take their negative and turn it positive.
  • Let people vent and rant, then move on. 
  • Think about yourself- protect your mood, your self esteem, your day. 
  • Don’t lose your cool!

Kindness over everything.  Be kind, overly kind.  It may feel crazy at first, but it’s the best way to come out of a crappy situation feeling good.

Cheers to handling mean people with kindness! 

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