Episode 76: How To Be Awesome At Learning Anything New

How To Be Awesome At Learning Anything New

This episode is all about learning something new through online courses!

Lindsay is obsessed with this way of learning because it's literally like having a best friend who happens to be an expert at exactly what you want to be an expert in.

If you ever say “I’m bored”… you HAVE to try an online course. There is just so much you can learn in so many aspects of life.

There are courses on every topic you can image from health and fitness and learning a language or how to build a website.  Lindsay goes through a ton of idea of things you can learn online from people who have spent a lifetime becoming at expert at them.

Here are the online courses that Lindsay mentions in this episode:

💡 Million Dollar Tan - Start Your Own Spray Tanning Business Course

💡 Million Dollar Tan - Take Your Spray Tanning Business To The Next Level Course

💡 Jenna Kutcher Business Courses

💡 Masterclass.com- has a TON of classes by so many well known experts in their field

Keep an eye out for 2 more online courses coming from Lindsay this year.

Let’s keep learning, keep progressing and keep getting more awesome!

To check out everything how to be awesome head over to www.howtobeawesomeateverything.com

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