Episode 74: How To Be Awesome At Making Photo Shoots Fun For Kids

Kids and family photo shoots can be tricky!  In this podcast, Lindsay shares a ton of ideas of how to make photo shoots creative and FUN so you get the best pictures and everyone has a great time!

It’s so cool to get great pictures of your kids with natural smiles and pictures that capture their energy and their expressions at this age.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done.  We focus so much on what everyone is going to wear and where everyone is going to stand that by the time your kids or your whole family get in position, it’s like ok now SMILEEE kids!!  And sometimes this works, you might get a few smiles out of them but we've learned that the best way to get the best photos of your kids is by making photo shoots fun!

So that’s what we’re talking about today!  

Take pictures yourself or hire a photographer to do it or have a friend shoot it. If you’re in Orange County and looking for a professional photographer, my guy Greg is incredible, especially at kids shoots. He’s so great with the kids and has patience for daysss and is always looking for the most creative way to shoot it.

Here’s his info: 

Greg Loza 


Lindsay talks about how she does a photo shoot for each kids birthday to capture that age and that moment.  

Plan ahead and think about what they like doing. What would they walk into and be like Yessss!! I'm so excited for this!

Some ideas:  balloons, animals, decorating cookies/cupcakes, pinata, park or beach and a smash cake (always a smash cake!!)

Make sure you do the messiest scene last!  Start with a fun one to get the momentum going.  If you have any that are more traditional, stick that in the middle so we get everyone having fun first, then sneak that in after. 

You have to head over to HowToBeAwesomeAtEverything.com for so many inspiration images too! 

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