Episode 73: How To Be Awesome At Being a Fit Mom

How To Be Awesome At Being a Fit Mom

Today's podcast is all about being a FIT MOM!  Now this has nothing to do with how much you weigh or how you look… this is 100% about how you FEEL!  Do you have energy, do you feel like you can keep up with your kids all day, do you feel fresh and alert like you can really do all the things that you want to in the day?

Here are the 4 things that Lindsay thinks are the most important when feeling mentally and physically fit.  

💪🏼 Eating foods that give you fuel

💪🏼 Sweating everyday

💪🏼 Keeping up your momentum

💪🏼 Sleeping!

Lindsay shares practical hacks that she’s learned that help her have energy and want to run around and play with your kids, not just watch them play. But get in there and play WITH THEM!

Take the time you need for yourself, so you can show up for your kids and your family.  Make it a priority and keep the momentum going!

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