Episode 72: How To Be Awesome At Not Complaining

This episode is the pep talk you need if you are complaining.

Fair warning- it might be a bit harsh because we’re being honest with ourselves. And there might be a curse word or two in here too just because Lindsay is so passionate about this and sometimes you just can't express it any other way!

So here’s the truth.  We need to stop complaining because really nobody gives a shit. They have their own stuff to worry about. And… we’re wasting time! You can only do so many things each day and have so many thoughts each day.  These negative thoughts are taking up SPACE.  SPACE that can be used for other things that make you laugh and smile and feel alive and inspired.  

Let's figure out why we are complaining and let’s get a better plan going.

Let's stop worrying about what other people think

Let's become our own number one fans

Let's not base our past failures on our capabilities in the future

Let's recognize how great we have it living in this time

Let's realize how strong we are.  And realize… sometimes we just need to toughen up.

Nobody is doing to feel sorry for you.  Who’s going to feel sorry for you?  Other complainers? Sorry to be so harsh but it's true.

The only people who feels sorry for you- is other enablers.
It makes for a loosing circle.

Either you are hanging out with people who are bringing you down or lifting you up.

But we bet you everyone you know who is out there doing what makes them happy and winning has zero sympathy for you.

And if you’re complaining, nobody wants to hang around you. Do you want to be around someone who’s happy and looking for the best in situations or someone who’s always complaining about everything?

Instead of having this complaining conversation in your head about what sucks or what's not fair- you have to realize it’s only going to hold you back.

Complaining is easy.  Looking for the best in situations is hard, thats everyones not doing it.

Realize that you don’t know what rocks are in someone else’s shoes and give them the benefit of the doubt and move on.

Wake up, tell yourself you’re the fucking best and go out and do shit.  Do what you want, do what sets your soul on fire, get in your 10s.  But please for your own happiness and for the happiness of others around you, stop complaining.

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