Episode 70: How To Be Awesome At Changing Your Mindset With 4 Words

How To Be Awesome At Changing Your Mindset With 4 Words

Whatever sucks in your life… we dare you to say…“AND I LOVE IT”

And all of a sudden, you’re free. The thought doesn’t scare you anymore. Because the thought isn’t the problem, It’s the resistance to the thought. By actually loving it, you change it’s meaning. You’re empowered instead of nervous, grateful instead of complaining, Present instead of living in the past. It is a practical tactic that will help you turn any negative thought into a positive one ❤️

Lindsay first heard of this concept from author, Kyle Cease, who says “and I love that” at the end of any sentence with a negative emotion.  She loved this concept and borrowed it to make her own version that works so well in everyday life.  

I love that I'm confused.
I love that I don't get that.
Actually love it - so the negative thought can leave.

Here are a few examples that Lindsay explains…

“I am so nervous to walk into that room and make a presentation in front of all of those people… AND I LOVE IT.”

“I can’t believe after 20 years of friendship I’m moving on from them… AND I LOVE IT"

“I am so mad I wasted years on that project that didn’t work out… AND I LOVE IT.”

“I am so tired and worn out from my kids… AND I LOVE IT"

I’m going to start a podcast and people are going to ask me why I’m qualified to start a podcast… AND I LOVE IT!

I’m going to try this hard workout and look like a FOOL… AND I LOVE IT!

I’m going to quit my job because I’m only staying for the benefits but I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do next..… AND I LOVE IT!

I’m going to go out on a limb and try this thing again even though I failed last time… AND I LOVE IT!

I’m going to train for a marathon even though I’ve never really ran in my life… AND I LOVE IT!

Add “AND I LOVE IT” to the end of any sentence that describes something that sucks in your life and see if you can turn it into something positive.  I bet you you can. And I bet you it will feel awesome!

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