Episode 68: How To Be Awesome At Traveling During Covid

How To Be Awesome At Traveling During Covid

Traveling during Covid!!

How to pick where to go, how to plan ahead so you're cautious and taking precautions to keep your family healthy, the extra things that we think you should pack that you wouldn’t normally… and then after ALL that… how to let loose and have fun!  And not have all the new steps and rules get you frustrated and over it. Vacations do look different this summer, but they aren’t cancelled.  

Here are some of the tips Lindsay talks about:

🌴Consider a staycation if you want to avoid air travel

🌴Bring lots of masks and sanitizer

🌴Pack smart - don't over pack - you already have enough stuff to deal with

🌴Pick somewhere outside with lots of fresh air

🌴Pack extra snacks

🌴Pack your own booze

🌴Pack entertainment for kids or plan to hit a shop

🌴Room service might be your new BFF with restaurants closed

🌴Most places aren't taking cash- plan ahead for that

🌴Call ahead and make dinner reservations - since most hotels only have half the places open- they fill up fast!

🌴Think about what each person will do- since options are more limited and make sure its a good plan for everyone in the family

🌴Relax and enjoy- worrying about Covid too much can make you crazy and - if you decide to do it- I say you take all the precautions then you relax and enjoy.  It’s easy to get so worked up about it all that you don't actually enjoy your time away.

Like so much of everything right now, sometimes we have to just slow down and be patient… understand that things that used to be easy now take 10 steps… but it just is what it is right now.

Getting mad at people isn't going to help… getting easily frustrated is just going to put a damper on your vacation.

We hope you are able to plan a getaway this summer… and spend that special time with people you love.  Even if it looks totally different than it did in years past. You’re still together, having fun. And that’s what you’ll remember. ❤️

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