Episode 66: How To Be Awesome At Getting In Your 10s Each Day!!

How To Be Awesome At Getting In Your 10s Each Day!!

Ready for my best hack for having awesome days?


The things that you love doing, or love eating or drinking, or the things that make you feel alive and refreshed and ready to charge the world…

Today we are going to figure out what your 10s actually are… and then how to get them.

AND … help your loved ones get in THEIR 10s!  
Think about it… the next time you go to stop your spouse or your kids from doing something think… could I just like give a little on this so they can get in this 10 for the day?

Lindsay explains how thinking about it this way, just makes it easy to prioritize things and make sure you are doing things everyday that you love.  Cause as we know… it’s all the little things that matter.  

And it’s simple… it’s micro… it’s daily… it’s just being intentional about getting in the little things and the big things each day that make you feel alive and set your soul on fire.

Let’s start with a brain dump!

Every time you do something that was fun, or you loved or you would say “that was a 10 for me”… write it down!  You have to know what your 10s are so you know what to get in each day.

Here are some of Lindsay's...

  • A great workout with loud music
  • Waking up super early and getting workout shower get ready before anyone wakes up
  • Wearing something comfortable that she loves
  • Having her favorite Malibu farms salad
  • Having her 120 shake
  • Playing with Parker in his man cave
  • Going in the pool with her kids
  • An outside hike
  • A champagne pineapple
  • Recording a really great podcast
  • Having an organized house

Just some examples to get you thinking!  And they will change over time!  

One of the best parts about doing this is that it makes you worry less about what other people are doing.

It helps you work through issues by giving your kids or your spouse some leeway too… because you love them so much you want them to be HAPPY.  You could be controlling that and not realize it actually!  

It also makes you spend less time doing mindless things like watching pointless TV or scrolling social for 4 hours.  Now if that is so relaxing and a 10 for you… then DO THAT… but if it’s not… then don't spend that precious time doing it!!

Here’s the thing…. in our quest to be awesome… and to have awesome days… we have to know what makes us happy and make sure we prioritize right to get those things in.   I love this idea of getting in your 10s because it does exactly that.  Eliminates the bullshit and makes you stop doing things you don't actually like.. or things that you just do mindlessly and because they are a habit… but are just taking away time that you could be spending… getting in your 10s!

We hope this podcast inspired you to have days filled with lots and lots of 10s!

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