Episode 64: How To Be Awesome At Solving Problems

How To Be Awesome At Solving Problems

In this episode, Lindsay shares everything she’s learned about how to stay calm when things go wrong, analyze the problem, figure out the best solution, and execute!

Life is designed to constantly throw problems our way.  Problems that we have to deal with!  And we have to meet these problems with a reaction, or choose not to react which is actually a reaction in itself.  

Are you tackling your problems as they happen and working towards a solution?  Or are you procrastinating, distracting and avoiding them? (Often times making them much much worse than they started out to be)

Lindsay is sharing hacks she's learned for tackling problems (even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing)… not loosing your cool, not blaming or complaining… just acknowledging the problem, figuring out the best possible outcome and working backwards to get there. 

We can’t always control what happens to us, or the problems that we face, but we can control our reaction to them and the meaning we give to them. 

Her goal in this episode is to help you solve your problems.  Fun little hacks for solving small problems that often happen in chaotic moments, and actual strategies that will help you be honest about your problems, not avoid them, and solve them.  It’s 40 minutes of positivity around something we all have - problems!  But we promise it will be a fun time! 

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