Episode 61: How To Be Awesome At Dating Your Spouse

Today’s podcast is all about dating your spouse!  Not letting yourself get so into the routine of life, that you aren’t making time to nurture your relationship… and connect and have FUN!! 

Lindsay is talking about being intentional about planning date nights- together and with friends. And communication and how important it is to say how you feel and what you need and to HEAR what your spouse tells you.  We’re talking about being creative and making plans and how the best times don’t have to be super complicated or expensive. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

❤️PLAN for date nights

❤️And make time no matter what!

❤️COMMUNICATE - say what you want and what you want to do 

❤️Pick the right conversation for the right time- no fighting on dates!

❤️Don't stare at your phones 

❤️A movie isn't your date night 

❤️Have something interesting to SAY!!! Don't talk only about work or kids 

❤️GET CREATIVE!! Even if you don't have a babysitter- you can still setup a dinner outside 

❤️LOOK good - more for you than for him - but for him too!!

❤️DO something for your spouse everyday that you weren’t going to do 

❤️Get out of the idea that it has to be expensive 

❤️GET ACTIVE together 

❤️Take trips!!  You have to - small or big- solo time!  No kids, no work, very little phones - get away to connect. 

We really hope this podcast really inspires you to think outside the box and plan for date nights.  It’s good for you, it’s good for your spouse, it’s good for your relationship and it’s good for your family! 

So cheers, to date nights!! 

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