Episode 60: How To Be Awesome At Making Your Kids Feel Extra Loved

How To Be Awesome At Making Your Kids Feel Extra Loved

As parents, there is so much we are always doing for our kids… helping them with schoolwork, racing them around, teaching them things… but when it really comes down to it… more than anything else… don't we want our kids to feel completely loved?

Unconditional love.  Love for who they are and what they want to be.  Love for their strengths and their weaknesses. All of it! 

Today, we’re talking about all the ways Lindsay has learned to show her kids just how very loved they are.  Talking about how to make them feel so special on their birthdays and what kind of energy you have when they walk into the room.  

Lindsay is sharing a few things her fam does before bed most days to really end the day on a high note.  And allow time for reflection on the day and to talk about anything that’s going on.  

This one is all about showing our kids all our love.

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Cheers… to LOVE!

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