Episode 59: How To Be Awesome At Having Lots Of Energy

How To Be Awesome At Having Lots Of Energy

Today we are talking about How To Be Awesome At Having Lots of Energy!

One of the questions I get asked the most is… how do you have so much energy and do you sleep?

So today, that’s what I’m tackling!  There are so many things I do in my day… and at certain times during the day to prime myself to have lots of energy.  To wake up full of life and ready for the day… to not crash in the afternoons and to prime my mind so I have mental energy.

That way, I have nice full days.  Whether it’s being productive with work or things that need to be done on the house… or having energy and the excitement to do something fun with my husband or go on an adventure with my kids.

To me, life in an energy game.  So in this episode, I’m sharing all the hacks and everything I’ve learned for setting yourself up to have LOTS. OF. ENERGY. everyday!

Let’s go!

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