Episode 57: How To Be Awesome At Getting Your Hair Wet And Taking Your Cover-up Off!

This podcast is about letting loose and having fun this summer, not always be in getting things done mode, or self conscious about how you look in a bathing suit or how you will look after you get off of the waterslide.

It’s about letting go of those things… so you go on vacation or out by a pool this summer… and you’re not constantly grabbing for your cover up… or you don’t actually swim with your kids.

Special guest… Lindsay’s 8 year-old daughter Presley!  They take about how cool it is when Mom joins in on the fun and about the lake trip they just got back from.  Talking about body image and raising kids with positive body image.

They are talking about pool parties and family vacations and how to let go of the issues in your head and have fun.  Take your cover-up off and get your hair wet!

Lindsay talks about how at 38 years old... she’s just now figured this out!  

Here’s the question…. Will you miss out on some of the most fun parts of summer because of these issues?
Are you not even going to a friends pool party because you don't want to be in a bathing suit?

Now this podcast is not doing to solve every body issue we’ve worked up to our whole lives.. but we really hope it opens your eyes to what you’re missing.  And what you could regret later.

Lindsay says:

"I’m 38 years old and I’ve JUST NOW figured this out.  Now I’ve had times when I’ve been better at it, and worse at it… but I’m telling you, at this point in my life, I’ve finally reached a point to where my body is what it is that day.  Even if im hormonal and bloated- I can't change it in that moment.

But I can decide what I’m going to do and how I’m going to make the most out of the day."

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