Episode 56: How To Be Awesome At Photo Book Organization

How To Be Awesome At Photo Book Organization

This project might feel SO BIG that you just don’t ever start on it.

In this episode, Lindsay is going to give you a step-by-step plan for organizing your photos and getting them scanned digitally! 

Start with scanning old photos and collecting up VHS tapes and DVDs… anything that you have loose that you want digital, round it up!! 

Lindsay shares the company she uses for scanning photos, Smooth Photo Scanning.  Here is the representative that Lindsay works with directly! 

Brandon Harris 

Smooth Photo Scanning




Use code AWESOME15 for 15% off you order with Smooth Photo Scanning!

Lindsay researched this for awhile because it’s sort of a big deal to send in every childhood photo you have to someone.  She loves that they have been doing business for so long and they take such a person approach to your project.  They send you a drive and a link with all of your photos. 

This is really the only way to be sure that your photos are safe - and something like water damage or a file can’t destroy them. Make sure you have a back-up of a back-up.  

Send them all in and make sure you do it all at one time!  Saves you time and money!

Then, Lindsay goes through all the ways that she organizes her photos on her phone and laptop.  SO many great hacks and tips here.  Make sure to listen all the way to the end!  

We hope this episode inspired you to do a deep dive into your loose photos and your digital photos and get them all scanned and organized up!  It’s painful at first, but totally worth it! 

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Thanks for listening!  Have fun photo organizing! 

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