Episode 55: How To Be Awesome At Having Awesome Days

How To Be Awesome At Having Awesome Days

When you lay your head down on your pillow at night… how often are you saying to yourself, “now that was an awesome day!”

If it’s not at least half of the days… we have some work to do! 

Today, Lindsay is asking you to get out a piece of paper and do a brain dumb.  Write down everything that comes to mind when you think of your most awesome day.  

Lindsay thinks that one reason why we don’t have more awesome days is because we have never outlined for ourselves… what is an awesome day to us?  

Not like a singular day- like your wedding day.  Not a DAY but a life and a lifestyle. 

What does it look like and what does it FEEL like?  We have to know what we want our life to look and feel like! 

Instead of starting with what you have to DO, think about how you want to FEEL. 

Lindsay talks about her research in trying to figure out… what do most people actually want in their day? 

For a lot of people it’s to… 

  • create something 
  • or contribute something 
  • or have an experience with someone - your kids or friends 
  • or people say they just want to connect 

that feeling of connection and that relationship with someone makes them feel ALIVE for that day. 

Maybe it’s spending a day with your favorite person- eating and drinking and talking….or hiking or painting some big piece of art with your kids.

WRITE DOWN what this is for YOU!!

And if you can’t do your ideal things everyday, let's figure out how you can do mini things to mockup that similar day

Could you create this day more often than you are now? First, we have to figure out what this day is.

And if you’re thinking, I can’t do that…I challenge you- are you putting up your own roadblocks that don’t necessary exist? 

Lindsay talks about how you can totally design your days!

The majority of your days should be about what YOU want to be like in your ideal day?

Brain dump #2!

What is your character like?

Are you open minded and excited and enthusiastic? 


This is WHO I would be on my ideal day!

Here is how I treat people...

Here is how I feel...

Are you grumpy?  Are you jealous of other people on social media? Are you walking around being negative and feeling like poor me? Would you be weak and fearful on your most awesome day?  Are you supporting other people?

WRITE IT DOWN- here is who i will BE on my ideal day!  Here is the energy I give off!

We can have SO MANY MORE awesome days!!  We show up who we want to be!

When you start your day, you have to own your morning!!

You have to be proactive about your day. 

What do I want to learn today?

You have to have an aim to have an awesome day. 

Don’t wake up and check your email and social and let that sort of guide your day.  Be intentionally with it. 

Lindsay talks about how she goes to bed knowing what she wants to accomplish the next day.

Even if you are dealing with struggle and hardship… you are dealing with it in your best way.

On a continual basis, you are you are proud of who you were when the day is done. 

You are the person you want to be- you are proud of how you dealt with that struggle.

You are living the way you want to be on your most awesome day and even if you’re not at Disneyland … you’re still in the mindset to have an awesome day. 

Suddenly you’ll wake up one day and you’ll think… that was an amazing week, an amazing week, an amazing month. 

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