Episode 50: How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Negative People

How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Negative People

In this episode, we’re having a positive talk about How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Negative People. 

Lindsay breaks down what she does in situations where someone is negative and complaining or toxic and judgmental and how she doesn’t let them get her going. 

Here are a few other key points from this episode: 

✨You can’t control what they do… but you can control how it affects you.

✨And how I get wrapped up in it- and before you know it I’m not doing all the positive stuff I want to be doing… because I’m replaying the Fed up thing she did.

✨It’s all about self-awareness and not caring what other people think. Live your life for you and nobody else.  

✨Everybody cares to some level of what other people think of them, but here’s the thing… you don’t let it stop you.  You don’t let it take over your mind or your day.  I have so much self confidence and positive talk in my head… they just can’t penetrate it. 

✨When I’m not happy I switch up what I’m listening to and who I’m talking to.  Spend your time with happy people.

✨Social media negativity - here's the thing - it doesn’t mean anything.  They see 1% of your life and thats what they are commenting on 

✨If someone is taking the time to consume your content then leave a negative comment - I feel compassion for them. 

✨You find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for negativity you find it. If you’re looking for positivity you find it.

✨The most important decision you make is the state of mind that you live 

✨To be happy- watch your mind all day long.  Smile more. Get more sunshine. Get out in nature. 

✨Life is an energy game.  Get away from negative energy.  Talk to negative people 3 times a month instead of 3 times a day. 

✨Any second you spend thinking about what someone else has is a second you take away from creating something for yourself

✨True self-confidence means of valuing my own opinion about myself more than anybody else

✨Stop blaming, accept fault 

There is something SO powerful about not giving energy to the negativity and the toxic people. 

Even when you can’t erase someone from your life.. you can limit your interaction with them and limit how much they do or say affects you.  You’re actually in total control.  

Control your headspace- control what you spend time thinking about.. and you’ve won.  Doesn't matter how negative or awful the person is… if you don’t let them affect you - you’ve won. 

We can’t always put ourselves in the perfect situations all the time, but we can prep our minds so when toxic energy comes our way, we are so happy and confident and awesome, it simply doesn't affect us. 

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