Episode 45: How To Be Awesome at Celebrating a Birthday During Quarantine

Shift the way you think about having a birthday at home during COVID 19.  In this episode, Lindsay shares lots of ideas of how to have the best birthday celebration at home, that doesn’t feel like you are compromising anything!  We have to work with what we have, and what we can do, and focus on what would be the most fun for the person you are celebrating. 

Here are some of the ideas Lindsay talks about: 

🎉 Do something totally wild- that they would LOVE

🎉 Have a party at home - who cares if it’s just a few of you! 

🎉 Order banners on Etsy or make your own 

🎉 Have an actual party at home 

🎉 Do a yard sign 

🎉 Do a drive by parade 

🎉 Do a video mash-up with Bday wishes from family & friends 

🎉 Have a tasting party (think Oreos or champagne - or both😂)

🎉 Birthday scavenger hunt (for any age)

🎉 Watch a movie outside - in the hot tub or in a tent 

🎉 Balloons!! Order some for drop off or do your own! 

🎉 Print pictures & frame them or make cards/poster with them

And like 100 more 😂🎂🎉

Here are links to things mentioned!! 

Balloon company I used 


Charity - 949-422-9935 

Yard sign company I used 


Cheryl - ocyardgreetings@gmail.com

The small Polaroid glitter frames I love 


Sprinkles cupcakes delivery 

Pressed Juicery delivery 

Great Dane Bakery if you are local 

Print photos on Shutterfly

COMING SOON!  How To Be Awesome At Celebrating Everything Course 

Last thought at the end of it! 

Overall BUILD the day around what really makes the birthday person happy.  Not what YOU think is fun or you think they SHOULD like… do things they actually LOVE and it will be a great day!

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