Episode 44: How To Be Awesome At Keeping Your Immune System Strong

We are all talking about how we can keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible so I wanted to do an episode today about immunity!

Lindsay talks about the supplements she thinks are essential… including a few that Dr. Lekkos (her functional medicine doctor) told her about.. that she is SO excited about! 

She gets into all the things  we know but a little more of… like sleeping more and eating a little bit healthier than we normally would… working out a little bit more than we normally would… drinking more water… taking more time for mindfulness and reducing stress. 

A lot of times when we think about keeping our immune system strong we just think about vitamins and supplements… but it’s a combination of all these things and they are all equally important.

Lindsay’s Favorite Supplements: 


Life Extensions Two A Day multivitamin capsule 




Now listen… we can all take ALL the right vitamins everyday .. but if the rest of the stuff is in line… it’s not going to work!  

So here are the other things we need to focus on: 

😴Sleep more

😋Eat healthier 

💪Work out more 

💁‍♀️Drink more water 

🧘Take more time for mindfulness 

😌Reduce stress 

We hope this episode inspires you to really take a look at ALL parts of your health and what you are doing and eating and thinking about and how it all matters to your overall health and immunity.  

Thank you for listening and cheers friends, to your health! 

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