Episode 42: How To Be Awesome At Purging Your Closet

It feels so great to be organized and have less!! It’s like coming home to a breath of fresh air after a long day. 

Today we are talking about cleaning out and organizing and purging your closet! 

Lindsay’s researched all the methods and strategies and she's summarizing for you what she thinks are the most practical tips for getting rid of what you don’t need, keeping things that mean something to you or bring you JOY- as organizing guru Marie Kondo says.

We’re going to talk about turning your closet into your own little oasis where only things you love live.

Lindsay breaks it down into 3 steps- get rid of stuff that doesn't make you happy, find a good place for what’s left… and stop buying things you don’t need!

There is no better time for a good closet organize than NOW… so we’re going to talk about how to do it!


Two books to check out!

🌴Life changing art of tidying up 

🌴Tidy the F Up The American Art of organizing 


To do it the right way, you have to be tired of the way it is now.
You have to be so tired of it that you really commit to getting organized and staying organized.

I’ve tried so many ways and failed!  I hired a professional organizer and paid a ton! …but I still wasn’t organized!

You have to commit to DO THE WORK… and that’s the step I was missing.

And doing the work means… really taking each item and taking the time to think about whether you need it and where is the best place for it to live. 

Here are the steps we are going to follow:Get rid of stuff that doesn't make you happy Find a place for what's left…and… (the hard one) Stop buying things you don’t need 




You didn’t accumulate all this stuff in a day.. it's going to take more than a day to fix it. 

Pull out everything that's the same and put it in a pile 

Like sweaters- most of us have way too many sweaters. 

Pull them allll out in a pile … and go through them- just keep the ones you like most!!

Ask yourself.. would you buy this NOW?

Don’t have so much stuff that you can’t get to any of it - purge until it’s all easy to get to! 

Order matching hangers!  These slim ones are my FAVORITE!




Oh and don’t save things!  This whole process will make you WEAR More things… don’t save them!

Think of that is keeping them in a dark closet while you go out in the world… let them out!

Please know … it will get worse before it gets better!

Lindsay goes through how to decide what to toss, what to sell and what to donate.  

We hope you take all of this and do the best closet purge and organize than you’ve ever done! 

Cheers… to your awesome closet! 

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