Episode 24: How To Be Awesome At Ordering Healthy At Restaurants


Don’t avoid eating out because you think it's all bad!

It’s totally possible to eat at restaurants AND be healthy!

It’s all about balance so you never feel deprived.

Choose a healthy main and have little splurges in your starter or dessert.

When you’re looking at the menu…

Look for these WORDS…

  • grilled
  • steamed
  • baked
  • roasted
  • broiled

Avoid these WORDS

  • fried
  • crispy
  • breaded
  • creamed

More tips!

❤️ Limit white starches and sugars

❤️ Skip the bread basket!

❤️Ask for double or triple veggies!

❤️Don't be afraid to ask questions! What’s in it?

❤️Order Zucchini noodles instead of pasta noodles if they have it!

❤️Find the places who are progressive in this way and offering healthy options!

❤️Careful of the calories and sugar in drinks… is it worth it??

❤️If you’re going to do a starch… do it as healthy as possible like brown rice.

❤️Look at the whole menu!! So you can see what looks good and decide on how you’re going to balance it out!!

❤️If you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten - gluten free - it's not always the healthiest option

❤️Get your dressing and sauces on the side!

❤️ Don’t arrive starving!!

❤️ Bring your own alternative (purse treats😂😋)

❤️ Slow down your earring speed and drink water!

❤️ Splurge when you want- just don’t overdo it!

AND there you HAVE IT!!

Hoping these hacks help with fuelling your body with the best food possible so you feel AWESOME!

Thank you for listening! Cheers friends, to going out and eating healthy!

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