Episode 23: How To Be Awesome At Showing Your Love On The Daily

This episode is filled with all of Lindsay‘s favorite love hacks! Here are a few of them! Enjoy!

❤️Do one thing each day for someone that you love - that you weren’t going to do

❤️Be patient even when you don’t want to be

❤️Celebrate little things

❤️Smile MORE!


❤️Give more compliments

❤️When they need it, put their needs above yours

❤️When the days seem to run into one another, do something to break out of the routine.

❤️Give them your complete attention… without SCROLLING!!

❤️Feed them!

That’s it!  So many little things to think about and work into your daily life. 

it’s so good to take time to be mindful of the love in your life and how much attention you are giving to it.  The more effort you put into it, the more joy you will get from it.   It’s all the little things over the years that become the big things and strengthen your love and your relationships.

Cheers friends… to being awesome at LOVE!

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