206. How To Be Awesome At Not Caring About Anything That Doesn’t Affect You

Lindsay does podcast episodes often about focusing on what really matters and not letting the little things bother you… because she thinks that it is so important to realize that you have to protect your emotional health at all costs. 
When you go through stress and trama and drama… your body remembers it and keeps score, it takes a toll on you.  So we just can’t let things in that don’t matter.  `
This is of course often easier said than done so in this episode we get very clear on what matters to us and decide… if it doesn’t directly affect us… we aren’t going to give it our time, energy, attention or money. 
In order to reach next level happiness and fulfillment we must accept that is is our responsibility to consciously choose what we spend our time, energy and money on.  
If it doesn’t affect you, it’s out of our headspace.  
One exception - things that we should worry about as a citizen of our communities and of the world. 
Here are some examples of things we may spend way too much time on that don’t affect us: 
-other people’s relationships 
-what your ex is doing 
-deep diving into a reality stars life online and making it your personal mission to figure out who was unfaithful and who’s telling the truth
-what other people are doing on their weekends- often FOMO or jealously 
-hurt feelings for not being invited to an event you didnt want to go to anyway 
-followers on social media 
-things - and comparing to what others have - it’s so easy to see someone else’s new bag and be like I NEED ONE- but do you really and do you care? 
-the royal family 
-Basically it’s things we can get fired up about OR spend lots of our time and attention on that don’t affect our lives!
-The best thing about withdrawing your attention from things that don’t affect you is you have so much more TIME and headspace for cool new things.  New ideas, time to call and spend time with family and friends, etc. 
-If you decide that Instagram is going to be a form of entertainment for you - and you are going to send a few minutes a day on it - rather than this sort of addiction that we let determine what gets our attention and what is important to us. 
-This is what we do now- decide we are withdrawing our attention from whatever it is that doesn’t affect us and is a waste of our bandwidth.  It doesn’t matter anymore and we go focus on something that is actually important.