204. How To Be Awesome At Creating Your New Normal

66% - adults say that they are unhappy.  That’s 2/3 of people walking around.  What!! 
If that’s normal - we don’t want normal- we don’t want to accept what’s normal.
Today, we are taking about being different and not being afraid to do things differently.  Getting out of routine.  Routines can be great- but just the ones that serve us.  Not the ones that we keep doing just because we’ve always done them. 
Lindsay says…
"I always think… if I do what’s “normal” to me or just what feels normal in society… in 5 years I’ll end up in the same place that I’m at pretty much… which isn’t bad but I’m not here to just keep doing the same thing and be normal and wake up in 5 years without much progress.  I know I can’t get better doing the exact same things over and over.  
We have to shake things up and challenge ourselves and create our new normal.  Be open-minded and ambitious and don’t put invisible hurdles in front of ourselves! 
When I’m cheering a little too loud for my kids at a sporting event or a race they will often say to me…. Geeeez why can’t you be normal!  And I smile and tell them the same thing every time… “I’m not here to be normal!” 
**Here are a few strategies we talk about!
-Don’t stay in your lane and accept what’s normal - it’s not working!  66% people!  You can’t do the same things everyone is doing.
-You didn’t come here to play it safe.  You have to look at things differently! 
-Live free - get over the fear of being embarrassed or fear or failure or judgment. 
-Breaking free of what we think is normal or society thinks is normal. 
-You can’t get better doing the same thing everyday. 
-It’s hard to introduce new things into your life.  It’s hard you have to work for it.
-We need to always be asking - how can I upgrade my system. 
-You might listen to a podcast with a great idea and try it- if it works - try it and if it works- add it into your routine.
-Use virtual mentors for this!  Pick people to listen to that are what you need and are the type of people you can look up to - pick carefully! 
-We often settle on where we are in life.
-And we get stuck to believing where we are at is our normal.
-We shouldn’t assume this is how it has to be or will always be! 
-Lindsay shares some of her new normals: 
Cold showers are the new normal 
Running 5 miles is the new normal
Going to sleep by 10pm and up at 5am is the new normal 
-You create all this normal!
-Shake it up if it’s not working for you!!  Don’t accept that this is how it needs to be.
-There isn’t one way to do things!  Create your own way! 
**Some hacks!! 
-Write down your goals and make short term goals.  Remember you just need one good idea.  And you’ll probably have hundreds of bad ones. 
-Work backwards.  Get your goal and write out the steps to get there - backwards.
-Sometimes you have to work 10x as hard to be different and better. 
-Break out of routine and have less structure to your days. 
Freedom can lead to new ideas and creativity and spontaneous adventures. 
-If you get a list of how to train for a sport- double it.  You know what everyone else is doing.. you have the list.  But if you double it - you’ll be that much better than your competition. That’s how you stand out. If you follow the plan that everyone is following you’ll be in the same shape as everyone else.  
**Here’s why!!
-We are here once! 
-Who cares what other people think!
-What’s the worst that can happen?? 
CHEERS to your new normal!!