203. How To Be Awesome At Parties - Splurge VS Save!

One challenge with throwing an awesome party is making it awesome without spending a fortune.

Today’s podcast is all about how to decide what’s worth the splurge and what’s better to save on.

Lindsay is sharing her process of party planning and budgeting that all starts with one big brain dump.  A full list of all the ideas of food and activities, rentals, entertainment… every idea goes on the list.  Then get quotes for everything.

From there, we decide. First, remove anything that’s way too much or figure out an alternate plan if it’s something that’s essential.  Then, pick what’s most important to you and what you think will make the biggest impact on the party and the overall experience.

There are SO many creative ways to make a party really special, without costing a lot… if you plan ahead of time and are strategic about it. 

-Don’t think of awesome parties as not an option because of budget!  It’s all about creative thinking and advanced planning!

The process

-Start with a brain dump - if the party is for someone else - make sure you get their input!

-Get quotes on everything - before you make any decisions.

-Pick what’s most important to you and what you think will make the biggest impact on the party and the overall experience.

-Remove anything that’s way too much.

-Buy things that you will reuse OR things that are the same cost as renting.

-It’s so much easier to throw a few parties a year if you own some stuff- cake stands etc.

Know that all this is easier if you start ahead of time.
If you are doing it last minute - it’s possible but you’re going to pay more!
Overnight shipping, rush orders, etc.

Food- make your own, get catering, have a vendor there. 
Food truck or food stand
Pre-made or made on the spot.
Ask all the questions!
Have everyone bring a dish to save money if it’s that type of thing!

Activities - get ideas online then set-up yourself
Have helpers instead of hiring a company
Worth the SPLURGE - if it’s a very specific company that does it in a special way
Example: Gaming truck, caricature artist, paint class, cake decorating class.

Balloons are essential - do your own, have some delivered, hire an artist.
When to do each.
If going for sheer volume, deliver and arranging them yourself.
If the dessert table is your fav part and needs to be the most awesome - splurge- but just for that part.

Make all your own, have some made on Etsy, have them all made on Etsy
BUY - signs!  Chalkboard signs, neon signs

Adult party ideas-
Wine tasting, champagne tasting, food tasting.

Start setting up a few days ahead of time so you can craft yourself and you don’t have to pay for things to be made for you.

We hope you got LOTS of ideas what to splurge on and what to save on for your next party!!